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Welcome Visitors!

We welcome everyone to make their own Canadian-made memories in Boissevain-Morton. No matter what the season, our spectacular landscapes and vibrant rural community offer places to explore, people to meet, and opportunities to relax.

Travel Manitoba Tourist Information Centre

Located next to Tommy Turtle statue, at the corner of Mountain Street & Highway #10
Open May long to September long weekend, seven days a week from 10am to 6pm.
phone 204-534-6662 or

Crossing the US-Canada Border

All visitors must report to Canada Customs when entering the country, and must report to US Customs when returning to the US. You will need a Passport or government-issued ID with copy of birth certificate.
Preferred: Passport or Nexus Card | Acceptable: Driver’s License with Birth Certificate | For Minors: Birth Certificate
Canada Border Services Direct Line: 1-204-534-6820  |
U.S Border Patrol Direct Line: 1-701-263-4460 |
For more information, visit