Winter Equipment Rentals

Winter Equipment Rentals

The Turtle Mountain Provincial Park, only minutes from Boissevain, offers groomed cross-country skill trails encompassing Adam Lake. Four novice trails spread out from there, ranging from 4 km (2.5 miles) to 15 km (9.3 miles).

For more info on ski trails in Turtle Mountain Provincial Park click here:

Cross-Country Ski & Snowshoe Rentals

Cross country skis and snowshoes are available to rent from the Boissevain-Morton Recreation Office during regular office hours (Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm). Adult and youth sizes are available.

Rental Agreement

All users must sign a equipment rental agreement and agree to the rental terms at the time of pick up. Payment must be made in full at the time of pick up.

For more information or to make rental arrangements:
Phone number: (204) 534-6472
Email address:


Rental Rates

$15.00 per day per set
$25.00 per weekend per set
Cash or cheque only. Rent must be paid in full at time of pick up.


Snowshoe Sizes

Click here to view snowshoe size chart.


Ski Care Guide

1) Use skis on groomed trails only. Do not ski over areas of mud, gravel or cement

2) DO NOT use any wax on the skis, these are skin skis and do not require wax

3) Alway ensure manual bindings are closed during transport

4) Use ski ties to bind skis, this avoids scratches

5) Treat equipment kindly

6) Do not alter equipment in any way


Trail Etiquette

1) Refrain from walking on groomed trails

2) Move off the classic track when herring boning up hills

3) On a hill the down hill skier has the right of way, move to the side if you see someone coming

4) Ski single file

5) If you see the Park Staff, thank them for the great trails!

6) The Park Staff have groomed one track classic and a skate ski lane next to it

7) Be mindful that although you are comfortable with your dogs, others may not be

8) Be courteous and friendly to other skiers and be nice to the trails

9) Pack in what you pack out


Ski Boot Size Chart

Ski boots run in European sizes (similar to a Birkenstock) 


Ski Size Chart

Ski Size

Weight Range



70 lbs & below


80 – 90 lbs


90 – 100 lbs


100 – 110 lbs


110 – 120 lbs



90 – 105 lbs


105 – 120 lbs


120 – 140 lbs


140 – 160 lbs


160 – 180 lbs


180 lbs & above


120 – 140 lbs

Pole Size

The poles should approximately reach the skiers armpit.



Turtle Mountain Nordic Ski Club

An all-ages cross-country ski club based out of the beautiful Adam Lake at Turtle Mountain Provincial Park. Turtle Mountain Nordic Ski Club welcomes all skill levels.

For information on lessons, events, trail conditions and more please contact the Club through Facebook (Turtle Mountain Nordic Ski Club) or Instagram @turtlemountainnordic.