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Boissevain & Morton Foundation

Thomas Sill

Every donation made
to our local foundaiton
from now to September 2016
the Thomas Sill Foundation
will match funds up to $25,000.

So this means,
every two dollars
the local Foundation raises,
Thomas Sill
will donate one dollar

It is never a better time to donate.
Click on link above to make a
donation to the
Boissevain & Morton Foundation

In 2014
$84,227.00 in grants
were given to:

$1,275 Boissevain Nursery School
play mat, toys, listening centre

$2,500 Boissevain Golf Club
new tables and chairs for clubhouse

$6,200 Boissevain Library
front desk, counter, cabinets

$1,500 Can. National Northern Lights
composers and kids

$2000.00 Moncur Gallery
dividing wall at new location

$1,425.00 Tiny Turtle Playroom
playground equip., scooters, landscape

$3,000.00 Turtle Mountian Twisters
new equipment

$600.00 Boissevain Soccer Assoc.
new goal frames and nets

$1,500.00 Boissevain Festival of the Arts

$10,000.00 Compost Recycle Project
special project with Boissevain-Morton

$2,000.00 Youth & Philantrhopy
for student selected projects

$3,815.00 Scholarships
$48,412.00 in Designated Funds


Boissevain Foundation

Boissevain Foundation

We’re Building Boissevain

The Boissevain and Morton Foundation Inc. began in 1975 with the involvement of six community residents who were interested in not only seeing Boissevain grow and prosper, but also giving community minded citizens peace of mind when donating to a cause close to their hearts.

Today, the Boissevain & Morton Foundation manages over $3 million in donated funds sustained by individuals and families who care deeply about the future of our community. Our job is to make these funds grow so that they can flow back into the community to support a wide selection of charitable efforts.

Members of the Foundation disperse the interest collected into organizations and events which benefit the entire community. The Foundation awards grants once a year to non-profit organizations whose programs and services match the Foundation’s mission, values and grant making priorities. Our grants aim to improve the quality of life in our community for all. We support health, human services, arts and culture, environment, community development and service, education and training, and recreation.

A gift to this organization has an important difference – it keeps giving year after year. Generations have chosen the Boissevain & Morton Foundation as their philanthropic partner.

Tax deductible receipts are issued for all donations.

How can you participate?

The Foundation offers a range of options to serve every donor and virtually every interest. Your gift to the Boissevain & Morton Foundation is an expression of gratitude to the community and of your desire to benefit future generations. Your gift is never spent or used, it keeps on giving forever in your name.

The Foundation offers a variety of ways in which individuals, families or corporations may join in this exciting undertaking:

  • • a gift or pledge of money
  • • a bequest in a will
  • • a gift of life insurance by naming the Boissevain & Morton Foundation as a beneficiary
  • • a gift in memory of a relative or friend
  • • a multi-year pledge
  • • a gift in lieu of “Thank You” cards
Start a Family Legacy Fund
  • • Five years to reach contribuiton level of $5000
  • • Once fund is over $5000 you can decide to designate your fund to any community organization, Church, etc. or leave as undesignated for community granting purposes
  • • Everytime you make a contribution to the Foundaiton, no matter size of donation or for what reason it can be aded to your Family Fund.
Or a Field of Interest Fund
  • • Sports and Recreation
  • • Beautification
  • • Community Health & Wellness
  • • Education

Preferably your gift is left to the general charitable purposes of the Foundation; this ensures maximum flexibility in meeting the changing needs of the community. However, donors may also stipulate that the earnings from the gift go to a specific field of interest or designated charitable cause.

The Boissevain & Morton Foundation is extremely grateful to individuals who remember the Foundation in their estate planning through their Last Will and Testament, insurance policies or as a beneficiary of other investments.

Bequests, Thank You’s or a Memorial Gift in Thoughtful Tribute

A memorial gift to the Boissevain & Morton Foundation can honour the memory of a deceased friend, relative or associate. Make a donation as an alternative to sending thank you cards from your anniversary, shower or wedding celebration or provide a loonie donation pot at the next anniversary or reunion, and make a donation to the Foundation in tribute to the honoured guests or special occasion. It is an eco-friendly way to express your message while helping your community at the same time. A Bequest can lend financial help in perpetuity to the Community, your Church, an Association, a Sports Facility, or General Charitable purposes of the Foundation. An income tax receipt will be issued for all gifts.

Memorial Gifts, Thank You’s and Bequests have a lasting value.

Click here for form to print, fill out and mail.

Contact Us

For more information call 204-534-8161 or email bmfi@mymts.net

All donations are gratefully accepted and can be mailed to:

Boissevain & Morton Foundation Box 1075, Boissevain, Manitoba R0K 0E0

Your support really does make a difference.

Board of Directors 2014 / 2015

  • Front row (l-r): Lindsay Beard, Merle Neufeld, Raylene Conway- Smith Executive Director, Patty Rainnie - Chair Person.
  • Back row: Judy Adams, Jamie Dickinson, Andrea Robertson, Bonnie Scott, Kevin Latimer, Herman Dyck and Milt Stobbe.
  • Missing from Photo: Scott Campbell and Bob Birch.

Grant Application Deadline:
October 9, 2015

Download grant application form and guidelines on right.

Applications may be dropped of or mailed, postmarked no later than the above date to:
Boissevain & Morton Foundation
c/o Executive Director's Raylene Conway-Smith
418 South Railway,
Box 1075, Boissevain, MB R0K 0E0

The Boissevain and Morton Foundation
Canada Revenue Agency Registered Charity Financial Returns
can be viewed at www.cra.gc.ca

Everyone is welcome to join us at the

Granting Presentation Evening

on Thursday, November 19, 2015
7:00 pm @ Sawmill Tea & Coffee Co.

A community celebration - celebrating 40 years.

We were pleased to have awarded
$84,227.00 in grants for 2014.

Once projects have been completed the funds will be distributed.
The following will receive Foundation Grants in 2015:

$1,275.00 Boissevain Nursery School - play mat, toys, listening centre

$2,500.00 Boissevain Golf Club - new tables and chairs

$6,200.00 Boissevain Library- front desk, counter, cabinets in new facility

$1,500.00 Canadian National Northern Lights - composers & kids

$2,000.00 Moncur Gallery/People of the Plains inc. - dividing wall-new location, Wildlife Museum

$1,425.00 Tiny Turtle Playroom - playground equip., scooters, landscaping

$3,000.00 Turtle Mountain Twisters - new equipment

$600.00 Boissevain Soccer Association - new goal frames & nets

$1,500.00 Boissevain Festival of the Arts - adjudicators

$10,000.00 Boissevian Morton Foundation Special Project with Town/R.M. - compost recycle project

$2,000.00 Youth and Philanthropy Club - for student selected projects

$55,496.00 Total requests for funds

$32,000.00 Total Undesignated Granting 2014

$48,421.00 Total Designated Granting 2014

$3,815.00 Total Scholarships 2014

$84,227.00 Total Back to the Community 2014

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